September 2016


Fall has arrived, and with it we have started a few new projects along with a couple ongoing projects we have been working on. As the holiday seasons approach we are diligently working to complete a couple large scale projects both in South Lake Tahoe as well as in Chicago. It’s always exciting working cross-country, and we rely heavily on FaceTime and emails throughout the design process. We love working in different areas all over the country, especially Chicago! The landscape, architecture and design styles are so intriguing! Our current project is a transformation from a traditional Midwest concept into a more modern application for a fresher aesthetic. This private residence features design influences from Berman Rosetti, Altura Furniture and Holly Hunt, to name a few. Take a look below to see what styles we are loving this season!


Berman Rosetti- Cachet Console



Altura Furniture- Duette Butterfly Table


untitled2Holly Hunt- Moon Pendant